[Editing] Writing…

[Begun editing at 11:04 am, EST time.]

What is this mysterious process we call “writing”?

The scratching of a well-loved pencil on the back of an envelope… The smooth strokes of a gel-ink pen on a crisp new notebook… the relentless tapping of fingers on a lap-top keyboard… These are the things we see, hear, feel.

But what is writing, in and of itself?

It is the act of capturing abstract, complex (or simple), nebulous ideas, thoughts, emotions and images and transforming them into something concrete, something that can be revisited and tweaked and shared: certain symbols, combined in precise ways, and either written or typed out.   [Paused at 11:09] [resumed at 11:33]

If you think about it, the whole concept is incredibly fascinating. We begin with an idea, a thought, in our minds: something that cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled.

Perhaps new connection is made between two separate concepts; or another angle of a problem is discovered, leading to a new and creative solution; or things learned in a book combine with events in life and with a sermon heard on the radio– and a totally new thought is born.

Somehow, in the brilliant creation that is the human mind, we have the learned ability to translate odd markings on paper or on a screen into words: words that correspond with something you are familar with elsewhere. They mean something–it isn’t just that we know how they sound: we also know the meaning behind them. And not only are we able to recognize and comprehend individual words– we also learn to arrange them in certain patternswhich create a sentence: a complete thought; an idea; an image.

Simply by arranging these characters in such a way as to create words, and then arranging multiple words to form sentences, and sentences to form paragraphs, we have the ability to convey our experiences, make people laugh (or cry), communicate new ideas, educate and inform, transform worldviews, entertain (or bore), discover more about ourselves, and a whole host of other things. [paused at 11:46] [resumed 11:48]

The mind blowing thing is that not only do the set of symbols I am typing have meaning–there are thousands of other sets of symbols that are arranged in completely different ways–and yet, they also make sense and convey images, ideas, feelings and stories.

Amazing, isn’t it?

And even more incredible is the God who invented the whole system. Think about it: all of this originated in the mind of God: Language begins with Him. Writing was His idea.

[Finished editing/rewriting at 11:53–23 minutes total]


I was mainly trying to clarify and build on ideas I had started… I also chose different words in some cases, to make things clearer and/or more concise. I added a new thought as well– about other languages. And I changed the some “yous” and “yours” to “we” and “our” to keep it consistent.


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