Babies are Awesome

And here are [some of] the reasons why:

1. They have the agreeable effect of causing you to have a kinder view of mankind in general.

2. Since you can’t help but smile when you look at them, smiling becomes such a habit that you find yourself smiling broadly at random people for no apparent reason.

3. When you look at them, you can’t help but be awed by the One who created them–and being awed by God is always a good thing.

4. They are so CUTE!!!!!! (Seriously, I say the word “Cute” so often now that I sometimes almost embarrass myself by calling things that aren’t really cute cute. :D)

5. They soften and sweeten your behavior in general: you just can’t be hard or harsh with such a small, helpless, adorable little person, and then that sweetness starts spilling over into other intereactions.

6. They are the most pleasant way of building patience that I have ever yet experienced: even when they are crying, they are cute. So you get to build patience (waiting for them to stop and bouncing them for what seems like hours) while thinking about how cute their little mouth is open like that. 😀

7. They have a way of making you happier and more aware of pleasant things.

8. You start thinking more deeply about things… how the world will be when they grow up, what kind of effect your life may have on them, and so on.

9. They loosen and lighten you up– you start making all these weird faces and talking in a rather undignified manner: “I wove oo wittle cutie pie! you are so dorable!”

10. They are just such an unlikely, amazing miracle: the whole process is… incredible!!

11. They are squishy and comfortable to hold.

12. They make you feel better just looking at them.

13. No matter what they are doing, they are fascinating to watch: it is very hard to drag your eyes away from their faces.

14. They fill some sort of “hole” in you.

15. They are so curious about the world: it reminds you to be curious and filled with wonder too.

16. They force you (very sweetly) to become less self-centered.

17. They are hope for the future: at least there will be some people around in seventy years or so. Maybe. Provided Jesus hasn’t come back, of course.

18. They remind you how small and helpless we all really are.

19. They are a perfect practicing ground for encouragement.

20. They are easy to love and help you see what love is really about.

Why is it that I always feel I must have an even, normal sounding number of items on my lists? * ponders *


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