God’s Love

Now there’s an impossible topic to write about… How can I even begin to comprehend it properly, much less write it out intelligibly for my fellow lumps of clay? (To quote Francis Chan in the video I posted…)

However… I do have a few thoughts about it… which I shall attempt to articulate. Recently I’ve been thinking about how awesome it is that God loves us enough to allow pain and hard times in our life: He knows that sometimes, that is the way to get through to us. Sometimes we won’t listen to the gentle whisperings, and He must yell. He also knows that if sin did not have consequences, we would just slide deeper and deeper into its jaws–and farther and farther from Him.

This punishing of sin is a good thing. It is loving.

Would it be loving to allow us to continue recklessly selling what is most worthwhile and wonderful–knowing God–at the price of ruining ourselves and everyone around us??


Sin is EVIL. Sin is horrid. Sin is killing us. Sin keeps us from God.

God is Holy. In fact, He is holy, holy, holy. Completely, utterly, unfathomably other. Totally, fully, incomprehensibly pure.

And He cannot abide with sin. It’s impossible. It cannot happen.

Out of His holiness and justice, He must punish sin. And since He is an eternal God, our sin against Him is eternal. And we deserved an eternal punishment: total, hopeless, utter separation from God. Imagine that. Completely separated from your Creator for all eternity.


But. (Such a glorious little word, isn’t it??)

But– He loves us! Why?!? I have no idea, humanly speaking. I certainly wouldn’t love us were I Him. (There are a “few” reasons why I am NOT God. Good ones, too. :P)

And therein lies the whole beauty and extravagance of God… He is love. Therefore, He loves.

And in His love for us, He made a way. He made the impossible possible. He paid for our sins for all eternity: and all He asks is that we accept that gift by faith and then walk in faith.

This is our God. This is love.


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