More Freewriting…

For some odd reason that I will probably never completely comprehend, people actually liked it when I just spouted off whatever happened to cross my mind. Hence, I am going to do it again, since it’s actually rather fun and it is good practice. And also I hope it might perhaps help me to think in a slightly more organized fashion. Or at least a better worded fashion… something like that. I like thinking. I probably like thinking too much, because sometimes I am thinking so hard that I become deaf. It’s quite tragic, I assure you. I will be washing dishes (why is it that you can always think the best when you are washing dishes or some other such task? Probably because you don’t’ have to think about the task at hand (since you’ve done it a million times, approximately.) and so your brain just is free to roam?) and I will be deep in thought (that sounds like thought is something like liquid… something you could actually “be” deep in. Like, stuck in it. I hope it has a bottom… does it? Or do you just keep getting deeper and deeper? Can you drown in thought? What is thought?) [The phone is ringing, but it’s nobody. Why is nobody always and forever calling? Can’t it be someone for once?] and a sibling will be talking to me (I think they do this because I am stuck in one place and can’t get away…) and I will be trying to listen (because I’m sure it’s interesting… since normally when I can hear it is interesting.) but unfortunately I can’t actually hear them, so it just looks like their mouth is moving. I mean, I hear noises coming out, but I don’t know what they are saying. Maybe it’s because they suddenly speak a different language, just to mess me up? Or maybe my brain is just too deep under all that thought to be able to hear what’s going on at the surface? That sounds good, doesn’t it? At any rate, I don’t really like it when that happens (as fascinating as that is…) because then I am not being a nice sister, because I don’t really know what they are talking about and so I can’t give them an intelligent, helpful answer. (Because when I can hear them, my answers are always intelligent and helpful… ahem.) Actually I don’t like it because it isn’t very caring, and hencely not very loving, and love is the whole point of everything. Isn’t it? Of course it is. No, no, not that kind of love!! Not the mushy kind. (I was going to ask why it was called mushy, but I decided I didn’t really want to go there.) I mean the kind where you get up and help someone when they are throwing up in the middle of the night… yeah. That. And also the kind where you stop doing whatever you are absorbed in (yikes, that is a scary image.) and pay attention to them. Like… when you’re thinking deeply and they’re trying to talk to you. Wait, how did we get back to that? Are we going in circles? It would appear so, yes. Oh great, now I’m talking to myself. Isn’t that what thinking is, though? Ahem, anyways. Thinking is great. But it also has its downfalls. Especially when it gets in the way of real life. I know, I know, thinking is real life, too. But… I have been noticing that I spend too much time in my head. It’s a nice place and all, but I’m really supposed to be in my home, not my head. I got a few letters wrong, see. It’s easier to do than you think. Get letters wrong, that is. I do it very often. One downfall of being an editor is that when you get letters wrong other people get all hyper and are like HA!! You made a mistake!! And I’m like, I know I did. I’m an editor, see. Not a perfect, infallible writer. Major difference, folks. And even after I finish all ten thousand hours of practicing writing, I still won’t be a perfect, infallible writer. Isn’t that sad?  You’d think after spending that much time, you ought to be perfect. The problem is that I’m human. But I can’t really do much about that, now can I. Besides, if I were a mosquito (yay!! I finally spelled it right!!) or something, I wouldn’t be able to write at all, much less make typos. So I guess I should count my blessings. So I guess I ought to put typos on my gifts list then, huh… Botheration. And fried turnips. (you are probably wondering what fried turnips have to do with anything… well, see, my brother Josiah likes coming up with interesting exclamations, and that is one of them. “Botheration and fried turnips”. And whenever I say or hear “botheration” my brain automatically tacks on “and fried turnips”. So now you know. And maybe now your brain will do that too! Hehehe.) Anyways, I discovered something in my last post: I say actually quite often. So I edited most of the actuallys out. (It doesn’t sound very professional to keep saying the same word, especially if it’s a word like “actually”.) That isn’t a very strong word. And you’re not supposed to start sentences with the word “Because” either. So I’m going to go edit that. And now you’ll be confused. I tend to have a lot of extraneous words. (Ha, I spelled that right too! I used it in conversation yesterday, too. I forget the context though, sadly.) They don’t help very much… words like “like”, “anyways” “actually” “because” “then then then” and so forth… but the other part of this is that they make your writing sound more conversational, which I like. It makes it easier to read (and write) and it also makes it seem more accessible. I don’t know, do you think this is really worth my time? I guess it is good exercise, like stretching or sprinting would be. Or maybe it’s just busy work, and I’m actually avoiding the hard practice? I am not sure. I guess I could try and write a story after this… well, not a story exactly, more like a journal entry. I’ve been free writing for almost twenty minutes now…. When the timer’s up, I am going to see how many words I’ve written in twenty minutes. I am so glad I learned how to type… it’s a very useful skill. Though I still make horrendous errors sometimes, in my haste. Perhaps someday I shall be very good at typing, too. One good thing about not being perfect at typing is that you get extremely fast with backspacing. Okay, the timer went off.


Wow! 1,139 words in twenty minutes! That’s not too bad!


2 thoughts on “More Freewriting…

  1. It was funny… I was reading your post and my mom was talking to me, and it was just like when you wash dishes! Noises were coming out of her mouth but I wasn’t paying attention to them. But it was weird, because I was reading about how you do the same thing at the same time I was doing it. I think the liquid that *my* brain is deep in is pretty mucky.

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