Oh, the Things You Hear…

… when you’re the oldest in a family of eight children. 😀 I thought it would be fun to share a few of the funnies (and a few more serious ones as well) I’ve collected from over the past few years… primarily from William and Matthew.

William: Carissa, WHEN are you going to get married?? (He had this belief that when you turned twenty, you got married. Well, I turned twenty, and I still wasn’t married!!)

Carissa: I don’t know…

William: Are you going to talk to someone? Are you going to ask them something?

Carissa: Like what?

William: Like, “what is your name?”… “Oh, I like that name! Do you want to marry me?”

(William knows how to do these things–just get straight to the point.)


Matthew: Are the Duggars in heaven?

Carissa: no, they live in Arkansas

Matthew: I don’t know where that is

Carissa: we can look on a map…

Matthew: Are there dragons in Arkansas?


Papa: (After reading a Bible story) What is praying?

Matthew: Talking to God

Papa: Have you ever fasted?

Matthew: Yes

Papa: What is fasting?

Matthew: I don’t know… it’s fast!


Carissa: Won’t it be fun when I have children?

Matthew: Yeah, cause then I’ll be your Grandpa!

(That one still makes me laugh out loud… :D)


William, about his stomach making noises: “The bugs made a piano in my stomach and it makes music!”


Matthew: “I’m pretty strong, too– I can chew hard things!” (said like we say “do hard things”)


Matthew: “I was kidding because I thought they were kids.”


Matthew: William is a mom

Carissa: No, he is not. Why did you say that?

Matthew: I was kidding. That’s what kidding is like


Matthew: “Ohayoo Gozimasu! Ohayoo Gozimasu! Ohayoo Gozimasu! That means good night in Spanish!

(um, actually, it means good morning in Japanese. :D)


Matthew: God’s microscope is called His eyes


Matthew: We are just moving grains of salt.


Matthew: They have a short family–only four people!!


Matthew: we’re going to get out the mustard, and the manatees… (mayonnaise) (He said manatees on purpose, just for fun. 😛 :D)



Why does God want us to be alive on earth so long?

Why is the sun a fiery ball? Why is it so hot?

How does gravity keep an upside down person on the ground?

What would happen if the sun touched the earth?

(And that is just a very small sampling of the sort of questions we have to try to answer… I shall have to record more next time I venture to lay in bed with them as they are “falling asleep”…)


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