{RD} Oh, the Thinks You Can Think…

That might be a quote, I’m not exactly sure. Anyways, here I sit, with some harp music  playing (fireflies by Owl city, if you must know) in the background, my feet crossed and the spiny chair going slightly back and forth… the fan is on, and the plastic bag to my left is fluttering distractedly. And I need to get my writing time in. As usual, I have many thoughts that I could expand into an article, but my poor sleep deprived brain (we had company last night, and they ended up staying till one, and we had Rebeka over and stayed up till 3:30 am talking, and we’ve had a few other late nights/early mornings lately.) does not feel up for any of them. Hence, I have decided to try free writing again. Which is what I am doing, in case you hadn’t noticed. Hopefully you did. Ahem.

Anyways… this morning we watched a really awesome video about the way the church is currently, especially the youth culture. We’ve never been fans of youth groups and Sunday school and such,  so it wasn’t as if it was new information, but it was very well presented and thoroughly enjoyed. And also it was fun watching everyone get all excited and start on various rants. 😀 Yes, including myself, though I couldn’t watch my rants.

It’s all so obvious–at least when you’ve been raised the way we have been…unfortunately, most people just accept it as the way things are and don’t bother to search it out for themselves. I’m really grateful for the time all these men took to make this video to help open more and more eyes.

At one point several years ago, we got sucked into Sunday school (though, heh, I was in “fifth grade” for several years, ’cause I wasn’t allowed to move up to youth group. :D) and we noticed something dreadful: we were no longer having the same sort of family discussions we used to have. We were each learning our own separate thing, and had our own experiences and people we “hung out” with. They weren’t shared things… it was bringing division into our family. Of course, there are many other consequences, but that was our experience. Hannah and I were talking about it, and we were saying how if the church is doing the same thing everyone else in the world is doing (the music, games, entertainment, etc.) in order to get young people in, then of course they will leave: the world is much better at that stuff, so why would they stay with what the church scrapes together? Not that Christians shouldn’t get involved in the entertainment industry: not at all. I firmly believe that we NEED to be involved there. But that’s not the church. Sure, the church can get involved in that. But it is NOT the church.

Last night, two of our Bright Lights girls and their family were over… I was talking to Heidi, and she mentioned that some of the girls that used to come to Bright Lights said it was “too boring” or “not fun enough” or things to that effect… (Heidi, of course, thought that ridiculous. She loves coming, and we love having her.) Contrary to what you might think, I actually took that as a high compliment–we’re doing something right! We still have a fair sized group of young ladies coming–but they are the kind that will sit through an extra long message– and enjoy it. They are the kind that actually stand around afterwards and talk about God and other worthwhile things. They are the kind of girls that are purposefully seeking to be Bright Lights. They are the kind of girls who are ready to do whatever odd thing Hannah and I come up with. They are the kind of girls who make Satan and this world shudder: they are counter-cultural–and loving it.

And honestly, if girls have the “it’s too boring”  attitude about learning the things of God, I am glad they don’t come. It sounds harsh… but it’s true. Bright Lights is not about having fun: it’s about learning about God. It’s about learning how to be a godly young woman and later wife and mother. It’s about ministering to other people. Can we have fun doing it? Oh, yes. You better believe it. 😉 We are a talented group: we’ve had splendid fun times cleaning the church bathrooms, having small group discussions, preparing to do a program at a nursing home… we don’t need to be doing things that the world labels as “fun” in order to have a good time.

Wow, apparently I am in a rather serious mood… and oh, here comes another serious topic.

Manhood. (Ha, I accidentally typed two “n’s”…. oh, the things that happen when your last name is Mann. *grins*) It’s under attack. Bet you didn’t notice that. *sarcastic* It has always bothered me greatly, but the older I get, the more it disturbs me. I have so many things to say on this topic that they quite overwhelm me… I’m not sure where to start. 😛

First off, I really really really appreciate the young men who are brave enough to actually be masculine in this culture. It ain’t easy, I know. But it is so worthwhile, and you give me and girls like me hope.

Secondly, I really really really dislike it when I see guys who are effeminate. It’s disgusting, to speak plainly. Sorry, guys, but you just don’t make good girls. And I’m not going to call you “men”–guys will have to suffice.

And, while we’re at it, girls make miserable guys.

How about this: guys be men, and girls be women. Wow! What a revelation! 😀 Seriously, folks, it isn’t that complicated. It’s just hard. Especially in this culture…

Oh dear, now we’ve got a whole rant coming about the difference between males and females and all that… help.

But! I digress, so that’ll have to wait. Doesn’t “digress” sound so professional and everything?

Anyways. I’m going to have to write a proper article on this sometime… my brain is too tired to make this make sense, and I really want it to make sense, because I am passionate about it. So! This’ll have to do for now. Consider it a teaser. 😉


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