Some of you (the precious few who actually bother to read this blog, that is…) may have noticed my absence as of late. I have been here, and I have been writing, just I haven’t been online much and I haven’t been blogging. πŸ˜€ Why? Well, rules changed in our home, for one thing. For another… I’ve woken up to the fact that there are a great many things wanting–needing–demanding my attention. And as a result, I’ve been plenty busy offline and am fixing to get even busier. So… I shall continue to be rather scare. Sorry if that breaks your heart. You can still write me letters. I might reply in a few months. If you’re lucky. πŸ˜€ Or you can call. I might pick up. Maybe. Just keep trying. *sigh* Yes… I am becoming one of those dreadful people that are very hard to get a hold of. Sorry.

Anyways. That’s enough of that. On to cheerier subjects… Like Esther. πŸ˜€

Today I took a nap with her… you’ve no idea how comfortable it is to take a nap with a baby. Unless of course you have one.. There are so many things that come to my mind when I hold her… things like wow, God is REALLY good. And WOW, God really is GOOD. And things like, If I love my little sister this much… what is Mother Love like??

Well… that’s all I have time for. So long!



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