(Begun April 9th)

I haven’t been writing on this blog, but never fear… I have been writing. Mainly in ink, though… I’m always surprised at how fast I run my pens out of ink. I don’t think that I write that much, but when your pens keep dying you figure out that you must have been writing more than you thought…

Anyway. I have been learning so much lately… there’s really no way to get it into words. Odd thing about being a writer, though–you try anyway. 😀 Why, I don’t know. But you do… I’ve been praying lots, writing poems, emails and letters. But not blog posts. So… I thought I’d come over here to my random blog and see what came out. 🙂

It’s strange… life is, I mean. Or maybe it’s just me that’s strange.

Things have changed drastically for me. And I have changed with them. And I have learned so much… things I could never have learned another way. And I’m doing very poorly at talking about it at the moment. 😛


I think one of the major focuses lately for me has been praising God. Always, and no matter what. My thoughts go all criss-cross and tangled– and then I tell myself no very firmly and I look to Christ. And He is beautiful. And my thoughts settle down and smooth out and even though things don’t make sense, life does. Because He is life.

And there’s so much to praise Him for… start at Creation, go to the cross… His character, His works…


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