What will I find on this blog?

Various and sundry writing experiments, well done and not-so-well-done, from the mind and finger tips of Carissa.

Who is Carissa?

A young lady who is seeking to learn more about God; grow closer to Him; and glorify Him.

One of the ways she is going about that is by writing: she will learn more about God through this– He is the one Who created language, and He is the one who created the things she will be writing and thinking about. She will grow closer to Him through writing because she will get stuck and cry out to Him for help (:D), and she will discover more about Him in the process of writing about things He has created. She will glorify God through learning to use the gift of writing to the best of her ability, and through using her writing to help others see His goodness and His ways.

If you wish to know more about Carissa, feel free to stop by one of her other main blogs:

The Adventures of the Mann Family

Rejoice Always

How did you come up with the name? Or is it just a word I’ve never heard?

I started out with Authoress, decided that was probably taken, and, in an effort to personalize it, thought of adding “Lynn” to the end– but then decided that wasn’t creative enough, and so I made up a new word– Authoressalin. It ends up being a combination between Authoress, [Authoressalin] Carissa, [Authoressalin] and Lynn [Authoressalin]. It is pronounced: Author-ress-uh-lynn. (Or you can just make up your own pronunciation… that’s just the way I’ve been saying it in my head.)

For more about why I started this blog, go here.


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