Freewriting, by Carissa. Watch Out. :P

I have a few more minutes left, and I’m not sure what to write about. So I’m just going to write as fast as I can and see what comes to mind. At least, I will if anything clear does come to mind. At the moment my mind is rather a muddle. My mind is a muddle? What’s a muddle? Do I want to have a muddle for a mind? Probably not, it sounds too much like a puddle. Though, actually, I do like puddles. They are fun to splash in. And also people look at you rather queerly when you are an adultish person and you are wearing a skirt and splashing in one. Which, for some reason, highly amuses me. My little timer went off but I haven’t really written anything worthwhile. Why do I always think it must be worthwhile? Maybe because I like to add worth to people’s lives. Doesn’t that sound noble? Or maybe it’s just because I’m prideful and I want to seem like I have something to say. That doesn’t sound very noble. At any rate, I like making sense. Which I’m not doing currently. See what happens when I just write whatever pops into my mind? It gets odd. Speaking of which, though actually it’s not related at all, did you actually try to imagine what it would be like to be separated from God for all eternity? I did, a little bit. It got really scary, and I did actually shudder. So I figured that I would not keep imagining it, because–oh, am I thankful!–I will never have to experience that horrid reality. I have thought about loneliness lately and realized that I never have actually been truly alone. Never. What. a. blessing. All my life I’ve either been surrounded by my loving family, or I’ve been in communion with my God. I don’t even know what it’s like to be utterly alone. I can imagine it, but I’ve never quite felt it. Glimpsed it, perhaps, when I was feeling melancholy and not thinking clearly. But never for real. Anyways, isn’t it exciting that this world isn’t our home, and that we’re going to a better place? And that we’ll get to have God is awesome talks ALL DAY? Except it won’t actually be all day, since there isn’t time in eternity. So I guess it will be… all eternity. Which is actually cooler. And not only THAT but we’ll also be able to see God in all His glory. You know, the song “I can only imagine” is nice, but it isn’t entirely accurate. We don’t have to imagine what we’ll do when we see God. We know what we’ll do. We’ll fall flat  on our face. Because… He is that awesome. Wow, I told you my mind is weird. I go from puddles to heaven. I don’t know exactly how I did that… *ponders brains* Aren’t brains amazing? Didn’t God do a good job? Speaking of God doing a good job, the sunset this morning was awesome. First the clouds were just gray and rather shapeless…and then the sun rose a little more, and they began to blush a pretty pink, and soon they were all tinged with golden light. It was glorious. And the moon was still out, too, and it was really clear. Somehow it’s much easier to praise God when you’re surrounded by the brilliance of His creation, isn’t it? Have you had enough of my randomness? Are you glad I don’t normally write my posts like this? Do you see what I mean about being paradoxical? Isn’t that a fun word? It’s long, too. *counts letters* I think there are twelve. Of course, being a homeschooler, I can’t always count on my counting skills. ha ha. See?? This is what I have to put up with. My brain is forever coming up with puns. Good thing I like them… Sorry if they annoy you, though. It is just part of who I am, because I have a very wordy brain and a very connecty brain… so it does stuff like that. Anyhow, I had better stop writing now. This is getting weird. Okay. Bye. I’m stopping. Watch me.

There I stopped.

Oops, nevermind.

The End.



What Should I Write About…

[Not all these ideas are mine: some are Rebeka’s and some are Holly’s.]

The ocean
The art of communication
Bunny rabbits
Climbing trees
Whether or not angels have halos and wings
Whether the word “best man” should be one or two words
The essence of elegance
Why it’s good to read and what kinds of books are good to read
How the focus of literature reflects the moral focus of a nation
Faith and works
Letter writting
Telling stories
Good wives and bad wives in history
Big families
Any other ideas? 🙂